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Vineeth Sreenivasan Specials Intro

Vineeth Sreenivasan, although not much of a sensation, he is making his mark gradually. He started off with albums which were well received amongst the Malayalee audience. He started with the album Malyalee in 2007 and then Coffee @ MG Road in 2008. Many other albums followed with Alone - Loved and Lost, being the latest.

Being the son of the legend Sreenivasan, who is know for his comic timing and natural acting, Vineeth has proven his acting skills in 2 movies till now; Cycle and Makante Achan. Both movies did well at the box office.

Vineeth has now undertaken a directorial venture and was searching for fresh faces. Recruitment drive was undertaken online which was a medium used to cast actors and actresses in his albums. Hopefully he has found the right match and looking forward to his debut drectorial venure. All the best!


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